Great God gifts bring peace and beauty to our homes

There are so many God gifts around us. It's a joy sharing them with original paintings and art prints by Carol May, a series of kid’s books and the wonders of the garden.

All the beauties of nature are crying out to be painted. My paintings include flowers, birds, butterflies, landscapes and seascapes.

Are you looking for beautiful artwork for your home?

Do you wonder, if you have the gift of painting? Actually painting is more of a discipline, than a gift from God. Attractive paintings are created with the basic principles of good art.

Learn the basics of art that made me a successful artist.

We all learn to paint with practice, just like playing the piano.

Practice painting the step-by-step tutorials. Then use the same methods to create your own individual paintings.

Create the paintings of your dreams by practicing.

Sea turtle watercolor painting, Art by Carol MayA sea turtle painted with an artist's interpretation.

gardens are full of god gifts

One of my favorite things is gardening. Maybe that's why I studied horticulture in college.

Butterflies, hummingbirds and flowers are some of my favorite gifts of God. They can all be found under Garden Gifts in the navigation. What kind of butterflies visit your yard?

If I am not in the studio painting, more than likely I am out in the garden. There are lots of flowers for the butterflies. Every summer the hummingbirds come to visit my flowers and feeders. What are the best ways to attract hummingbirds?

Vegetables for the dinner table are growing in the backyard. Do you grow tomatoes? They are the most popular vegetable for our home gardens.

Orchids are another awesome gift. At one time, I had a whole greenhouse full of orchids and participated in orchid shows. Now living in the north my orchids are in the house. You can grow orchids, too.

Phalaenopsis, sometimes called the moth orchid are my favorite orchid. They are perfect for growing in our homes. Their delightful flowers last for many months.

a great god gift

God has gifted me with the wonderful opportunity to visit heaven. Yes, visiting heaven while I'm still alive on earth.

As amazing as it may seem, it was God's idea not mine. But I willing participate, because it is so awesome!

He has instructed me to write some children's books about heaven. What do we see in heaven and what is there to do. We don't just sit around on clouds.

Visiting heaven is not just for a few special people, many Christians have been going on visits. You can visit heaven, too.

enjoy visiting the gallery of art by carol may

Butterflies delight our senses with their beautiful colors and free lifestyle. There are birds and lots of other critters to paint, like the sea turtle.

When I was learning how to paint, landscapes were my subjects. Now butterflies, hummingbirds and flowers show up very often in my artwork.

Beautiful butterflies delight our senses.

Who doesn't love the beauty of flowers?

Hummingbirds and flowers, what a combo.

All the gifts of nature are such a joy to paint.

What fun it is painting God's amazing critters.

Do you have dreams or visions to paint?

It was a pleasure growing up in the country. Barns were a big part of the scenery. So on a trip to Connecticut, these barns were a great subject.

God's gifts are everywhere. Artists paint what we see around us. There are so many things to paint, birds, butterflies, flowers, mountains, ocean and buildings like these country barns.

Beautify your home with artwork

  • Bring peace and beauty into your home with the painting art by Carol May.

When the paintings started running out of the spare bedroom, something had to be done! Art by Carol May was born to share the joy of painting with others.

You may purchase original paintings or prints for your own home.

Painting has been my passion for many years, so most of my original paintings are in new homes. But Fine Art America does a wonderful job of reproducing my paintings in many different formats.

painting good art starts with the basics

  • If you have a desire to express yourself with beautiful paintings, you can do it!

It's a joy sharing my knowledge with budding artists. Take advantage of my years of experience and learn what makes a good painting.

Awe-inspiring paintings all have something in common, they use the basic art fundamentals.

Successful paintings use: composition, values, a focal point and color. They are easy to learn.

Use the basics to create your own unique masterpieces.

Using values makes attractive paintings.

A focal point draws in the viewers.

Good composition rules are easy to learn!

Speed up your learning with regular painting.

The color wheel is the artist's best friend.

Find the answers to frequent questions.

What does it mean when an artist says alla prima, glazing or frisket? Learn the art lingo, so you know what artists are talking about.

practice painting the art by carol may

The step-by-step painting tutorials explain the materials, what colors to use and the painting steps from start to finish.

Each step is carefully detailed, so you can practice painting the steps.

Then you can use the same steps to paint your own favorite subjects.

painting watercolor

Paint three different flowers; Iris, Echinacea and poppies.

Three giraffe tutorials, each with a different painting style.

Learn to paint a hummingbird with watercolor.

Use the white paper in your watercolor paintings.

Get some answers before you start with watercolors.

Learn the fun technique of pouring watercolors.

express yourself with beautiful oil paintings

  • The more you paint the better your get!

It's a joy to share my painting secrets. Glean from my step-by-step explanation in each painting.

more How-to oil painting pages

Steps for painting a red or multicolored rose

Painting an ocean wave is not hard, it's fun!

Tips and steps on how to start with oil painting.

Learn some basics about oil painting before you start painting.

Painting with a limited palette can make very colorful paintings.

Learn to paint the iridescent colors of a hummingbird.

great god gifts are all about sharing - enjoy!