birds to sea dragons, sunsets to seascapes all make beautiful nature paintings

  • There are so many beautiful nature paintings to do.

Some of my favorite things to paint are butterflies and flowers. Then I have to do some of God's other critters like dragonflies and birds.

The wonders of nature are so inspiring, what about a sunset or a seascape - yes!

One time my husband accidentally caught a sea turtle. He brought him home for me to see.

We took him to the water to let him and go his flippers started going. I saw a tear coming out of his eye. I said, "Look he is crying." We turned him loose and now he is now swimming in his "Bold Freedom".

  • If that doesn't make you want to paint, I don't know what does!
C-Bold-Freedom"Bold Freedom"

beautiful nature paintings

  • Doing paintings of nature is such a joy.

Most of my life I have lived close to nature. The birds and bees, flowers and sunsets, plus all the lovely creatures are a pleasure and bring enjoyment.

These nature paintings express that joy and admiration. Come enjoy with me.

Watercolor nature, bird painting by artist Carol MayNorthern Flicker

We were living in a home with a tin roof. We started getting a "Northern Flicker" that came by every morning at the same time.

He would beat on our tin roof. He was staking out his territory to keep all the other flickers away. We started calling him our alarm clock!

This painting of nature turned out gorgeous done with watercolors.

Watercolor painting of a Bottlenose Dolphin with her baby. They are "Born Free" paintings of nature by Carol MayBorn Free

It was getting old trying to do paintings of nature like a photo.

Painting is supposed to be fun. Why else would we paint? So I changed it up a bit for the sake of freedom!

My dolphins were always painted with the dolphin's natural grey color. This time I painted with the fun colors of pink and purple with turquoise water.

These dolphins are enjoying their new found freedom in "Born Free".

Leafy Sea Dragons are the most amazing critter. Art by Carol MayLeafy

Leafy sea-dragons are native on the coral reef of Australia. They are a quiet animal related to the Sea Horse.

They camouflage themselves in leafy appendages and wait for small fish to come by to suck them up. Do you see two "Leafies" in this painting?

A section of the Leafy watercolor painting by Carol MayDetail of "Leafy" There are lots of little critters among the coral.

White egret and water lilies original watercolor painting done by the painting artist Carol MayEgret and Lilies

No more trying to paint like a photograph. I let my artistic imagination fly free.

After I did the dolphin's painting in pink and purple, I thought it was so much fun, I used the color combination again.

In Florida it is quite common to see the egrets out walking among the lily-pads looking for something to eat.

This time because the egret had a yellow-orange beak, I made some of the lily-pads yellow-orange.

What fun it was doing these paintings of nature in a free style! "Egret and Lilies"

Beautiful paintings of nature by Carol May the artistDowny on Pine

I like to walk in the mornings when everything is clean and crisp.

One time I kept seeing a Downy Woodpecker on the pine trees when I walked by every morning.

Finally I told my husband, I think it means I am supposed to add him to the paintings of nature. I'm going to paint him.

I took some photos to figure out how to paint the pine bark. And the Virginia Creeper was turning red.

So I did the "Downy On Pine" with Virginia Creeper climbing up the tree.

The red creeper leaves complimented the red on the Downy's head to make a beautiful nature painting.

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watercolor painting of two Florida manatees - Gentle Giants - by painting artist Carol MayTwo Gentle Giants

Manatees are interesting creatures seen in Florida. Some people call them Sea Elephants.

They are slow moving and very quiet and gentle. Manatees eat huge amounts of vegetation to support their massive bodies.

These "Two Gentle Giants" which normally are grey are painted with fun, free colors.

Day's End records the days gone by when the gulf coast of Florida had many stilt houses.Day's End of the Honeymoon Cottage in Cedar Key, Florida

The gulf coast of Florida used to have numerous stilt homes just off the shore. Many of the commercial fishermen lived in the stilt homes. A friend of mine grew up living out on the water in one of these homes.

The fish house would send a boat out to their stilt house to pick up their day's catch. The boat would also bring them groceries. They virtually spent most of their life out on the water.

"Day's End" records the days of Florida's many stilt homes.

This stilt house was one of the last ones remaining in Cedar Key. It is gone now after the many Florida storms. But, here it is recorded for history.

Beautiful Avocet birdsAvocets

"Avocets" are such a picturesque bird. Their photos are stunning. They are great for beautiful nature paintings.

Their heads and necks turn rusty colored during their breeding season. They sweep their upturned bill through the mud to feed. Their long stilt-like legs make them fairly tall, 16-20 inches.

What could be more fun to paint than some pink flamingos "Getting Started" flying.Getting Started

What could be more fun to paint than some pink flamingos running and "Getting Started". They run with their long legs and flap their wings to take off flying.

They are not bright pink all year long. But when they have a lot of shrimp in their diet, they turn a lovely pink color.

C-Free-Love-DovesFree Love

Sometimes an artist will get stuck on one thing for a while. "Free Love" came after the dolphin and egret paintings with pink, purple and turquoise.

The colors are softer in this painting to portray the soft nature of the mourning doves loving on each other.

A simple, beautiful nature painting to portray a complex subject. Love is ours to give.

C-Sea-ShellsSea Shells

While the weather was cool outside I was dreaming of going to the beach.

And you know what we all do when we go to the beach - collect "Sea Shells" to take home for memories.

This is a watercolor painting is full of lots of memories.

C-Cypress-SunsetCypress Sunset

There is nothing as inspiring to paint as a beautiful sunset.

Here is a Florida sunset behind the native cypress trees. A great white egret is enjoying his peaceful surroundings.

The leaves of the native pickerel weed frame the foreground in "Cypress Sunset".

Cardinal 'n' Dogwood oil nature painting by Carol MayCardinal 'n' Dogwood

I went out and painted some of the wild Dogwood flowers while they were blooming.

After I came home a male Cardinal made a good addition for "Cardinal 'n' Dogwood". It made a wonderful nature painting.

There is nothing like the beautiful colors of a sunset or a sunrise on the coast.Coastal Colors

There is nothing like the beautiful colors of a sunset or a sunrise on the coast, especially looking through a coconut palm tree. The sunset makes beautiful nature paintings.

The "Coastal Colors" are especially wonderful. I never get tired of painting the water in its many moods.

A lovely watercolor painting of a mother giraffe loving her baby giraffe by artist Carol MayMother's Love

Giraffes are such amazing animals. They have interested me for years. I have put them in a number of beautiful nature paintings over the years.

Here is my newest painting of a mother giraffe showering "Mother's Love" on her baby.

You can do your own giraffe painting.

C-Koi-FeedingKoi Feeding

We had many outdoor ponds, as well as indoor aquariums for tropical fish. When we fed the fish they would all swarm around the food to feed.

My mom went to a Gary Jenkins class where they painted Koi in a circle. It was a good idea, so I did the "Koi Feeding" painting. That is just what they look like when they are eating.

My husband said the one with the white head is the ring leader. Lots of fun!

watercolor painting by Carol May of a baby elephantBaby Elephant 'n' Butterfly

The "Baby Elephant" is checking out a blue butterfly on its trunk.

Its lots of fun to let your imagination run while doing nature paintings.

C-Paddlin-PelicanPaddlin' Pelican

Pelicans are amazing birds. We got to feel one when we accidentally caught him while we were fishing.

They look large, but they actually don't weigh very much. They are very light weight. When we let him go, he paddled around, as if to say thank you.

The "Paddlin' Pelican" made a beautiful nature painting.

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