If you do landscape paintings, you can paint anything

My painting roots are in landscape paintings. When I first started painting, the subjects were always landscapes.

  • Once you learn to paint landscapes, then you can paint any subject.

The gallery owner where I had this seascape painting on display asked me, "Where is this lighthouse?"

I told her God gave me the idea and I just painted what He showed me. So I called the painting, "God's Lighthouse".

Jesus is our lighthouse in any and all situations. We can always find our security in Him.

God's Lighthouse an oil seascape painting by Carol MayGod's Lighthouse

landscape paintings by carol may

It is very seldom that I do watercolor landscape paintings. But this painting of the "Boca Grande Lighthouse" is an exception.

Painting of one of Florida's many lighthouses. This one is on the gulf coast, near Fort Meyers.Boca Grande Lighthouse

Very good friends of mine asked me to do a painting of this landmark. He grew up fishing on these coastal waters off of Florida. The area is dear his heart, so they wanted a painting for remembrance.

Today this lighthouse has been repaired. Though non-operational it still stands watch at the entrance of Charlotte Harbor on the gulf coast of Florida.

Landscape Paintings by the artist Carol May"Country Barns" a best of show painting, twice.

It was a joy painting these Country Barns” on a trip to New England. It was the very first time I got to see the beautiful New England fall colors.

The shadows and sunlight on the front barn especially intrigued me. The barns are different styles, as often happens when they are built years apart.

Doing landscaped paintings out in the country air is very refreshing.

I love the outdoors and sharing with others!

Cypress Sunset a Florida oil painting by Carol MayCypress Sunset

It was a privilege to live in Florida for more than thirty years. The sky is beautiful there. And there are lots of Cypress trees.

Here is a "Cypress Sunset" with a white egret standing watch in the shadow of the tree.

oil painting by Carol May of the snow in the Sierra Nevada mountainsWinter Wonderland

"Winter Wonderland" is a winter in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, where I was born.

One winter we couldn't attend school for two weeks. The snow drifts were up to the eaves of the house. We had to dig through the snow just to get out of the house.

The snow can be very beautiful, but not so much when you have to work or travel in it. So later, my family moved down to the valley where the climate was milder.

This landscape painting is in my private collection with childhood memories attached.

Swamp Maple painted on location by a mill pond in Connecticut, art by Carol MaySwamp Maple

This "Swamp Maple" tree on the edge of a mill pond was showing off its beautiful fall colors. The gnarly trunk with the orange leaves against the cool water and sky made a nice landscape painting.

It was so pretty and it was pure joy painting it.

Painting of a sloop "Sailing Free".Sailing Free

An oil painting of a sailboat heading downwind with the colorful spinnaker out doing its job.

My brother built a wooden ketch and sailed from California through the Panama canal to Florida. It took many hours out in the cockpit with his hand on the tiller to get there.

This sailboat just came out of my head, so I left out the second mast to make it easier paint.

Oil painting of the light shining through the forest trees.God's Light

"God's Light" was painted for a friend. It shows the wonderful light shining down from above to simulate the light shining through the forest trees.

It was painted with colors to match her decor. What a joy to paint and share with others!

Lone Egret an oil painting of the Florida prairie area.Lone Egret

The middle of Florida has a prairie area with Sabal Palms and numerous lakes. The Sabal Palm is the Florida state tree.

It's common to see Egrets and other birds fly by on their way to go catch some frogs or fish.

It's a lovely area often missed by the tourists. Here is a "Lone Egret" flying across the open prairie.

Practicing how to paint a wave.Wave Practice

Do you find seascapes intriguing? It's good to practice painting and sometimes I do a small practice painting before painting a larger piece. "Wave Practice"

You can learn how to paint a wave, step-by-step.

Stilt houses on a Cedar Key Canal, oil painting by Carol MayCedar Key Canal

On gulf coast of Florida many of homes are built on stilts for protection from the storms. Here are some stilt houses on a "Cedar Key Canal".

We lived in a stilt house at one time and docked our boat under the house. Lots of fun!

Honeymoon Cottage is a stilt home out in the bay of Cedar Key, FloridaHoneymoon Cottage

"Honeymoon Cottage" is one of the many stilt homes built out in the bays of the gulf side of Florida.

This home was a Cedar Key landmark for many years. The tropical storms have now sent it to heaven.

Surf Runners an oil seascape painting by artist Carol MaySurf Runners

Can't you just hear the surf crashing as the Sandpipers are running to beat the waves? "Surf Runners"

The ocean and the mountains are awesome. I can't help but to do some more landscape paintings.

Watercolor painting of a lighthouseGod's Promise

The end of the rainbow. What's at the end of your rainbow? "God's Promise"

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