must read christian Books about going to heaven

These must read Christian books have the answers we all wonder about.

Have you have always wondered about going to visit heaven? What is heaven like? What will I see? What do we do in heaven?

How can I visit heaven? What do I have to do to get there?

These must read christian books are the best I have found about visiting heaven.

My books are for children, but these are books are written for adults. The authors share their experiences of heaven and how they get there. Each of these authors have been visiting heaven for 20-30 years or more.

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kim robinson

Kim Robinson has a couple of books. The first book, Heaven is Real and Fun is a manual on how to prepare for a visit to heaven. All Christians are familiar with what she shares, but it's good to go through the process again.

It's a short book of 44 pages. After reading this book the Lord asked me what I wanted to see in heaven. He took me to heaven and I had my awesome visit with Missy Dog!

The second book gives descriptions of Kim's many different visits to heaven. She has been visiting heaven since 1988. God has much more planned for us when we get to heaven. We don't just float around on clouds. There are lots of fun things to do.

donna rigney

The prophetess Donna Rigney has a wonderful must read Christian book about going to heaven, The Glory of God Revealed.

She shares in vivid detail, her many visits with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The Lord's love pours out through this book and whets our appetite for our own heavenly adventures.

This book will make you a glory seeker. There is a lot to learn in heaven.

All Christians can learn how to ascend and visit heaven.

kat kerr

Kat Kerr has written two different books that include illustrations of her heavenly visits. She, as well as the other ladies, has Jesus visit her here on earth. She said sometimes He comes through the wall of the room!

She goes to heaven almost daily. The first Revealing Heaven book was dictated to her by two scribe angels. You will find detailed descriptions of the magnificent things she has seen there.

In Revealing Heaven 2 her second book about going to heaven, Kat reveals satan's plans for earth. She brings a message of the hope and power we have as believers in Jesus Christ. She shares how to create a habitation for heaven in our homes.

It's fun to see and hear interviews with people who visit heaven. These ladies all go for visits to heaven on a regular basis.

All three of the ladies have had multiple interviews on Elijah Streams. Check it out.

don't miss out on these must read christian books about visiting heaven!